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Why Earnest Insurance Brokers ?

  • We Negotiate on your behalf --

  • ..while arranging insurance to get you the best terms and deal !

    ..while resolving your claim to get you a favourable outcome.

  • Your voice and identity when placing insurance is greater, through a broker, than going on your own.

    This is owing to our volumes of commercial businesses we place.

  • When you choose us, you become part of our family.

    Our larger numbers give us greater bargaining power on your behalf, both before and after your claim.

  • Because we manage risks !

    We consider prior steps and alternatives before extending insurance.

    i.e. Identify risks, Eliminate risk, Reduce risk, seek to Transfer risk and only then consider insurance as the final option.

  • These always reduce the cost to you.

  • Experience gives us this ability. We have over 200+ years’ collective experience.

  • We will not extend a policy purely for the purpose of selling. We manage risks and ensure you are always better off. We are professionals.

  • It is our advice and approach that sets us apart, and have we come to be known by as Earnest - a quality and brand you can depend on !


Earnest Insurance

UAE’s Preferred Insurance Broker

EARNEST INSURANCE commands a unique and secure market position. In size, we rank comfortably within UAE's top 15 insurance brokers and maintain strategic alliances with only the most secure and well-respected insurers and underwriters. These alliances enable us to secure competitive terms for our clients.


Earnest Insurance assists you to
  • Reduce the cost of risk.
  • Reduce the insurance premium.
  • Work towards a profitable outcome.

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