Six-month grace period to get health insurance in Dubai

Dubai residents in the dependants and domestic worker category now have been given a six-month grace period, until the end of 2016, for mandatory health insurance cover that goes live by June 30, officials of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said on Thursday.

The linkage of health insurance to residence visas in this category will not be activated now, which means individuals in these categories going for issuance of visas will not be rejected in these six months due to lack of health insurance.

While the Health Insurance Law No 11 makes it mandatory for every Dubai resident to have health insurance by the end of June, dependants of sponsors, that includes spouses, children and domestic workers such as houseboys. maids and nannies, will not incur a fine for not having mandatory health insurance cover, clarified Dr Haidar Al Yousuf, director of health funding at DHA.