RSA offers first-ever taxi fare cover in the UAE

RSA, a leading provider of insurance services in the region, has announced innovative enhancements on its motor insurance policy that are not currently offered in the market, such as the first-ever taxi fare cover for car insurance customers.

The new product launch will see RSA become the UAE’s top motor insurer in terms of coverage. Also, the insurer is finalising a new policy booklet which is not only very user-friendly and easy-to-read, but it will also include a range of innovative upgrades on the covers in response to its customers growing needs. By keeping the customers’ interests in mind, RSA is further cementing its position as an organisation that always strives to add value to its expansive customer base.

Known to be ‘customer obsessed’, RSA is presenting its existing and new customers with a new booklet to serve as a guide on everything they need to know about their motor insurance policy. Unlike other documents which tend to be complex and legal-focused, the new RSA motor insurance booklet simplifies matters like eligibility, exclusions, difference between its Comprehensive and Executive covers.

RSA is also introducing additional covers under a special section called Enhanced Motor Protection which will present customers a hassle-free experience when they need it the most. Of the many covers, this includes the cost of hiring a taxi in the UAE in order for an individual to complete the journey to their destination, in the event that their insured vehicle is no longer roadworthy. RSA customers will be the first to have the possibility to benefit from taxi fare covers.