12th Asia Conference on Pensions and Retirement Planning

In this depressing global environment, the rapidly ageing populations feel threatened by the complexities facing them. There is a need for urgent action to address their fears and needs. Industry leaders and governments have to adopt an integrated and multifaceted approach towards ageing and develop innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for a better society with people living longer now and improve on pension outcomes for the decades to come.
What role can the insurance industry play to help tackle this challenge effectively? What are the key challenges and feasibilities of pension plans including healthcare for a fast growing ageing population? How do we fill the protection and savings gaps? What are the new retirement mindsets? Is there a blueprint for success?
Asia Insurance Review’s 12th Asia Conference on Pensions & Retirement Planning this year will bring together the insights of country-wide, regional and global experts from the governments, regulators, insurance industry, pension providers and leaders to look at the pension reforms and schemes around the world and the region, regulatory issues, longevity risks, innovative solutions for pensions, wealth management, new technologies, and the opportunities and strategies for smart retirement!