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Motor Insurance


In the UAE, Motor Vehicle Insurance is guided by the Federal Authority, which prescribes the minimum required insurance for all Motor Vehicles registered.

Third Party Policy is the mandated bare minimum. However, with protection of your vehicle being essential, Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance becomes the preferred choice.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Combines both:

  • Liabilities to Third Parties for Property Damage (for instance, Vehicle Damage to the Other Car involved or damage to Private or Government property) and Liabilities to Third Parties for Bodily Injury.  

  • Damage to Vehicle (Own Damage)

Accidental Loss or Damage to the Motor Vehicle insured by any cause whatsoever including but not limited to:

  • Fire
  • Collision
  • Overturning
  • Malicious Damage
  • Theft
  • External Explosion
  • Whilst in Transit (within UAE)

  • Personal Belongings (i.e.) Clothing & personal effects
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Personal Accident cover for Driver & Passengers
  • Natural Calamities like Storm, Flood, Earthquake, Hailstorm.
  • Windscreen Damage

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Sultanate of Oman (Optional)

  • Consequential Loss
  • Use of Vehicle by Unauthorized / Unlicensed Persons
  • Driving under the influence of Alcohol / Drugs
  • Outside the Geographical scope
  • Use for Hire or Reward

  • As the name suggests, this Product covers Losses arising out of Liabilities towards Third Parties. This may be in respect of vehicle damage to the other car involved, or damage to private or government property.  Or in respect of Bodily Injury to Third Parties (a person other than you).
  • This does not cover either your vehicle or you.
  • This is the most basic form of Vehicle Insurance being mandated by the Federal Authority.

  • Pedestrians (i.e. People moving on Public or Private roads)
  • Occupants of Other Vehicles
  • Occupants (other than Driver) of your own vehicle
  • Persons inside the Buildings / Fixed structures
  • Owners of the Property

  • Person driving the vehicle is at Fault
  • Bodily Injury occurred to Third Party
  • Damage to the Property of Third Party

Any amounts decided by Courts of Law (i.e.) Unlimited in the event of:

  • Death
  • Bodily injury
  • “Diya” – Blood Money
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Compensation for Permanent Disability

Any amounts decided by the Courts of Law or negotiated by Insurance companies on:

  • Property Damage – up to specified limits for:
  • Other Vehicles involved in the accident
  • Damage to Buildings / Structures
  • Property inside Buildings / Shops / Homes etc.
  • Damage to Properties of Public Authorities
  • Road signs, Plants & Shrubs, Fence

  • RSA
  • AXA Gulf
  • Qatar Insurance
  • Oman Insurance
  • Tokio Marine Insurance & Other prominent Takaful providers.

Calculation of Premium mainly depends on:

  • Age of the Driver & Driving Experience.
  • Model & Value of the Vehicle.
  • Type of cover & Additional Extensions opted for.

Individual Medical Insurance Get Quote

Individual Medical Insurance


In line with the DHA strategy of ensuring 2 Pillars of:
1. Affordable Access to Healthcare to All Nationals & Expat Residents in the country &
2. Healthcare to be of Highest Quality based on the needs of the population:

  • DHA (Dubai Health Authority) has made mandatory medical insurance & announced minimum benefits (Essential Benefits Plan – EBP) required for all residents.
  • Individual Medical Insurance are designed to meet the requirements of an individual or family.
  • Inflation and the increasing medical cost are of great concern for individuals who do not have the luxury of medical cover extended from their Employers for the dependants.
  • It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to extend cover to all Dependents under their visa/sponsorship.
  • Market offers various options of Plans to choose from. Premium for individual policies is based on the opted plan & duly Completed Health Questionnaire
  • Policy covers treatment & services for “Hospitalization" and “Out-patient” against sickness and illness.
  • It is best to be insured all time appropriately and adequately to avoid any unforeseen medical emergencies which might leave huge financial distress.
  • EIB offers the best suited solutions to Family (Spouse and Child)/Single Owner Proprietor / Domestic Help/Parents as per their budget.

Individual Medical Insurance is cover for Individuals & their dependants against sickness and illness.

Members who wish to have a Comprehensive Global Medical Insurance Plan with extensive benefits

  • Spouse/ Child
  • Parents
  • Domestic Helpers
  • Partners

As per the law, the responsibility lies with Sponsor (for dependants) & Employer (for Domestic Help). DHA encourages Employers to provide medical insurance for the spouse or dependants of its employees. However, its mandatory that if an employer does not provide cover, then sponsor will need to arrange cover for Dependants or Domestic Help.

Yes. EBP is the Minimum specified benefits as prescribed by DHA and all should meet those requirements.
Employer/Sponsor can provide insurance which gives benefits more than the basic requirements, but these additional benefits will normally attract higher premium.

Yes, but such conditions can be subject to a waiting period of 6 months. If there is cover continuity, then the waiting period can be waived off. Premium gets loaded based on severity of the declared conditions.

Coinsurance is a percentage of the costs of Consultations, Treatment, Tests, Drugs and Medicines that must be borne by the Insured member during each visit. A deductible is a fixed amount that the member pays regardless of the overall cost of treatment. Both are used as a means of keeping down the costs of medical insurance.

YES, it is covered as mandatory benefit under EBP. However, it is Insurers’ discretion to load the premium or apply waiting period as appropriate.

LSB (Lower salary band) member should be insured with a DHA approved Participating Insurer (PI) only.
HSB / NLSB (Higher Salary Band or Non-Lower Salary Band) members can opt to avail cover from any Registered insurer.

Home & Contents Get Quote

Home & Contents


Welcome to the Home Insurance Guide , summarizing the cover available under a range of plans available from reputed insurance companies such as AIG, Royal & Sun Alliance, and AXA Insurance..
Contents insurance
Contents in your Home
Loss or Damage caused by

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Storm Flood
  • Escape of water from water tanks, pipes & apparatus
  • Riot Strike Civil Commotion Labour disturbances
  • Malicious Persons or vandals
  • Impact from road vehicles animals or aircraft
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Falling trees
  • Accidental Damage (Optional Extension of Cover) ntents
Given below are examples of some of the misfortunes that could befall your possessions, and the level of cover provided for suitable protection.
  • A glass cabinet comes crashing down and breaks all your expensive chinaware and glassware
  • Your house is burgled and your camera, DVD player and the jewelry are stolen
  • While moving your TV to another room, you trip or it slips from your hands and is broken
  • You drop the mixer grinder on the hard kitchen floor and is broken
  • Your guest or you or your family members accidentally sit on your sun glasses and breaks it.
  • A fat frying activity is left unattended for a while and the fat catches fire and engulfs the kitchen.
  • Smoke from a fire engulfs other rooms and walls have to be repainted.
  • Water flowing from a burst pipe enters the bedroom and damages the carpet beyond cleaning & repair.
The Contents section of the home policy will respond to the likes such occurrences mentioned above. 1

Personal Belongings Insurance
All Risks cover on personal belongings Valuables and portable equipment in the event of loss or damage by accidental means
Covered whilst in and away From Home (Worldwide for purposes of pleasure or business visits only)
Given below are examples of some of the circumstances that could enable you claim under this section of a home policy
The camera falls accidentally on the road and is damaged.
You leave your spectacles or sunglasses in the taxi or on the beach.
Your Baggage is lost whilst traveling abroad.
Personal Money and Credit Cards Cover
While shopping, your purse containing your money, credit cards and debit cards is lost or stolen.
You are the victim of a mugging whilst on holiday
Buildings insurance
Loss or Damage caused by
  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Storm Flood
  • Escape of water from water tanks, pipes & apparatus
  • Riot Strike Civil Commotion Labour disturbances
  • Malicious Persons or vandals
  • Impact from road vehicles animals or aircraft
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Falling trees
  • Accidental Damage (Optional Extension of Cover)
Given below are examples of some of the misfortunes that could cause damage to the building and is covered by most home policies
Accidental damage occurs to cables or underground pipes serving your home, which are your responsibility.
Your house is not suitable to stay in during repairs - the insurers cover the cost of
Alternative accommodation for up to 10% of the amount for which you are insured.
A violent storm causes falling trees to damage to your roof and parts of the building.
Whilst decorating your bathroom, you drop the hammer in the bath causing it to crack.
A delivery vehicle backs into compound gate.
A wayward driver crashes into the compound wall.
The Buildings section of the home policy will respond to the likes such occurrences mentioned above. 1
Personal Liability Insurance
  • Your legal liability to the public as Owner of the Property you occupy
  • Your legal liability to the public as Occupier of the property you renting
  • Your legal liability to the Landlord for damage to the landlord’s property you are occupying as a tenant.
  • Your legal liability as an employer to domestic helper employed by you.
Domestic Helpers Insurance
  • Death or Permanent Total disablement caused by accident
  • Medical Expenses arising from accident
  • Repatriation Expenses as a consequence of above.
All cover is underwritten by either Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Co.Ltd. or AXA Insurance Gulf Ltd. In the United Arab Emirates .
Security discounts
You could receive 5% off your annual contents premium. All you need is a burglar alarm which is turned on when you leave the property and at night, and which is annually maintained.
For a competitive quote please call us on 04 3385400 or send us an e-mail on .

Holiday & Travel Get Quote

Holiday & Travel


Comprehensive Packaged Travel Insurance cover for the following occurrences

  • Personal Accident
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Repatriation of other Insured Persons
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Premature return due to the death of Close Relative
  • Visit of Close Relative
  • First Aid and/or Rescue
  • Personal Liability
  • Legal Assistance in case of redress
  • Advance of Bail Bond
  • Personal Baggage
  • Personal Money
  • Loss of Passport
  • Delayed Baggage
  • Delayed Departure
  • Cancellation of holiday
  • Curtailment of holiday
  • Terrorism (Optional) 

These frequently asked questions and statements made are to assist you in understanding the policy cover. You should read the policy carefully to make sure it suits your requirements. The policy wording is available on the site (click on Policy Wording). As with all insurance policies there are conditions: for example, there are excesses under most sections of your policy to reduce the incidence of small claims, and you are signing, electronically, that you abide by the conditions. It is a serious offence to misrepresent material facts under an insurance contract (e.g. you confirm, in signing, that there are no pre-existing medical reasons increasing the risk of treatment being required whilst away from home).

Any person upto 70 years of age who is a citizen or resident of the AGCC countries.

Yes. This documentation provides you with information and emergency telephone numbers you may need in the event of making a claim while traveling. It will also provide details of any supporting documentation that may be required in the event of a claim (i.e. loss reports, receipts etc.)

You must declare any medical treatment for which medication, advice or treatment has been received within the 12 months prior to your Travel Insurance application. Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered unless you have declared them to us, and we have confirmed in writing that you will be covered for them. You need to give as much information as possible so that the insurers can make a clear judgement as to whether or not they can cover you. Depending on the severity of your condition your insurers may ask for a medical report from your GP.

Before you incur any substantial medical expenses abroad we recommend that you contact the 24hr Emergency Helpline number provided. This number can be found on the rear of your insurance certificate as well as in your policy documentation.

It does invalidate the medical expenses section of your policy. If the advice was given after you had booked a trip abroad then you may be able to claim for the cost of the cancelled trip. Contact us for more details.

Most policies allow you to travel abroad on business. However, if you require cover for business equipment (e.g. laptops, projectors etc.) Please contact us and we will assist you in obtaining cover on specific items of business equipment to $ 2000.

Whilst many holiday makers have a go at an unusual activity, the policy does not automatically cover sports and activities. However we may be able to obtain an extension to your policy to include extra cover, which may or may not be at an additional premium. Our advice is to take care and look for a professional organization that operates these exciting facilities. If you were to consider scuba diving it is sensible to seek a professionally qualified and certificated dive school.

The maximum trip length on our Frequent Traveler policy varies between 60 days and 90 days, depending on the level of cover you select.

In many cases this can prove more convenient and cost-effective than purchasing single-trip policies each time you travel, particularly if you intend to travel regularly during the year.

This is called delayed departure insurance and cover is provided if your departure is delayed for at least 12 hours due to strikes/industrial action, mechanical breakdown of the plane, train or boat or adverse weather conditions.

No, you are not covered. It is sensible to take heed of warnings about valuables being secured in the hotel safe or safe deposit boxes as thefts from hotel rooms are quite common place here and abroad.

Your insurers have arranged for professionals to be available 24 hours a day every day of the year just in case a customer needs emergency medical advice or treatment. Call them - they'll take your number and call you back. You'll find the number clearly stated on your policy.

Report the loss to a recognised authority (i.e. holiday rep, hotel management, Airport Authority) who will be able to locate the police.You should then obtain a Police Report.
You should notify your credit card supplier and bank immediately so that they can cancel the cards involved. It is a sensible idea to write a list of the credit card numbers you are travelling with, along with the telephone number of your bank, or a friend or relative in the country of your residence who can act as a contact in the event of an emergency. Keep this list separate from your credit cards; if your wallet goes missing you will have all the information you need to cancel your cards and arrange alternative funds.

Not sure you need travel protection? Read on - these statements frequently made will help you recognize the importance of purchasing travel insurance.

1. "I have become ill and don't feel well enough to travel"
When you purchase a plan that offers trip cancellation/ interruption coverage within a specified period of your initial trip deposit, you are covered for pre-existing conditions. That means you can cancel your trip if you get sick - and be reimbursed for any non-refundable expenses relating to your trip.
2. "I think my son has an ear infection whats "ear infection" in Spanish ?"
Most insurers plans offer 24-hour worldwide assistance. Call toll-free to access the 24 hour medical assistance helpline of the insurer to receive advice or get information on English-speaking doctors in your area.
4. "We were on our way home when the airline went on strike"
The trip delay benefit covers for up to $ 500 in non-refundable expenses for strikes that affect public transportation.
5. " My luggage did not arrive "
Whether your bag is lost or merely delayed, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of clothing and personal articles so you can enjoy your vacation.
6. "My mother-in-law had an accident - I normally care for her"
The illness or injury of family members is also included under covered reasons to cancel. It is important to remember that even if you are fit to travel; other events may make departing on your trip unthinkable.
7. "We missed our connection because of a flight delay"
Not covered by the policy..
8. "We were traveling when I suddenly developed chest pains"
When a medical emergency happens far away from home and far away from proper medical facilities, you want to ensure you receive adequate care. The medial evacuation benefit will cover emergency transportation for you and a companion to the nearest facility or back home.
9. "What is the definition of a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?"
This would be any injury, disease or illness to You, a Traveling Companion, Family Member, or Business Partner occurring prior to and including the effective date of your insurance.
10. Can I purchase a Travel Policy if I have already departed on my trip?
These policies cannot be purchased if you have already departed on your trip
11. "What is the latest date I can purchase travel insurance?"
You can purchase a policy up to the day before you travel. However, our recommendation is to purchase as soon as possible to maximize your benefits. If you wait, you always run the risk that something will happen before you buy your insurance and you won't be covered.

Pleasure Craft Insurance Get Quote

Pleasure Craft Insurance


Yacht/Pleasure Craft Insurance covers any Physical Loss, Damage, Liability or expenses (such as Incidental, Sue & Labour, Medical & Repatriation expenses) to Hull, Machinery and Insured equipment on Board caused by accidental means, theft.
As per Dubai Maritime Authorities, all Pleasure Crafts/Yacht Owners in Dubai must necessarily register their Hull and It is mandatory to have pleasure craft insurance for 13 months from date of registration.
In addition, most of the Yacht Clubs/Associations in Dubai insist their members to have Hull Insurance (in some cases at least a Minimum Third-Party Insurance).


  • A Comprehensive Insurance including Own Damage & Third Party (OR)
  • Third Party Only
  • Water Skiers Liability
  • Racing risks
  • Road Transit
  • Personal Accident
  • Machinery on Board
  • Personal Effects & Valuables of the Owners including cash

  • Any Government / Maritime Authority
  • Registered Owners of the Pleasure Craft/Boats
  • Sailing / Marine Clubs and/or Associations
  • Financial Institutions like Banks

There are varied types of crafts including but not limited to:

  • Ships, Boats, Yachts
  • Jet Skies, Water bikes
  • Also include Contents, Accessories & Machinery on Board like Sails, Masts, Chains, Shafts, Propeller’s and other parts specifically related to the Boats and as declared.

  • Accidental Damages such as Sinking, Stranding, Swamping, Breaking adrift
  • Theft of the entire Hull and/or dropping off outboard Motor
  • Fire, Lightning, Collision, contact with other objects
  • Third Party / Passenger Legal Liability in respect of Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Including Road Transit as per Institute Yacht Inland /Transit Clauses

  • Axa Insurance Gulf BSC
  • Qatar Insurance Co.
  • Abu Dhabi National Insurance
  • Orient Insurance
  • Salama Insurance Co.
  • Noor Takaful Insurance Co.
  • Emirates Insurance Co.
  • Oman Insurance Co.

  • Paragliding & Aqua Planning
  • Commercial Chartering / Passenger Carriage
  • Normal Wear & Tear, Gradual Deterioration like Corrosion
  • Excluding any Commercial / Recreational activities unless specifically declared & approved by Insurers.

  • Outboard motor (when fitted to the vessel) is securely locked to the vessel with anti-theft device;
  • Vessels shall not be left moored or anchored unattended off any Beach or Shore
  • Hull to be used for Private and Pleasure purposes only. Any commercial activity or Training purposes to be approved prior to placement;
  • Experience of the Captain and crew
  • Cruising Limits and the Speed and Specification of the boats.